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Last updated: January 26, 2006



Student Liaison



Membership in the World Wide Intelligent Femmes Alliance is currently FREE but that doesn't mean it has no value! The value comes from the people that gather together. The more who join the stronger our group will become.

Everyone knows the story now. The economy took a big left turn while some of us were going right. All that helpful advice from family and friends leaves you feeling like a failure somehow. But the secret to getting back on top is networking. Impress people with your attitude and talent one-on-one in a social setting. Volunteer to help others and follow through. Get your face out there. All these opportunities are yours with membership. No secret handshake required. The real secret to support is the contributions of our peers who are working professionals in the industry. Share in the knowledge and the experience!

Got a problem? Reach out to members at meetings and online to get it solved pronto. We're a braintrust here!

Speaking of braintrusts, join the IFA Brainbank to be an official member of the WWIFA Brain Bank

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